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  • The magical world of bees

    A lot of discussion is taking place nowadays, regarding the essential role of bees in our lives. With their natural habitats greatly destroyed due to pesticides and modern farming practices, bee populations are starting to diminish at a worrying rate around the world. It is therefore, worth reminding ourselves what these creatures do to sustain life on all levels.

    Bee populations constitute the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable crop production. Almost all crops cultivated with the intention of ending up in our plates and shopping baskets need bees to pollinate them. The yield and quality of these crops heavily depend on this process.

    Therefore, it is clear that the quality and quantity of food crops available for human consumption relies on bees. And this includes products that we consume every day and are absolutely essential to the survival and healthy living of the human population; nearly all fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds used to produce oil.

    Even the coffee beans used to produce the precious, dark liquid dripping in your cup that you cherish every morning, needed bees to help them grow. Except for food crops, directly aimed at human consumption, bees help maintain crops used as fodder supplies for feeding livestock. So bee activity indirectly affects meat production as well, by securing the existence of food for the animals we breed to consume.

    But their contribution does not stop here, not to mention honey and wax production. The aforementioned results of their beneficial activity are only one side of their crucial role; specifically the side that has a more direct impact on our lives and is most likely to concern us. But focusing solely on the importance of bees in maintaining food crops would be a superficial approach to their vital role in nature, or life for that matter, preservation and it would also be an understatement.

    Bees are guardians of the world’s ecosystems and, consequently, its biodiversity. And this is crucial for sustaining wildlife, animal and plant populations and preserving wild natural landscapes. In other words, bees keep the economy up and running, from a strictly financial point of view, by securing today’s precarious food supply. But, more importantly, they are one of the reasons why we humans and every other living creature on earth are alive and thriving.

    In Bioporos Organic Farm we have long been aware of the vital importance of bees, not only for the environment, but also for sustaining human life. We have installed a beekeeping unit, which you are welcome to visit, to watch these fascinating creatures in action and observe organic beekeeping practices. After this unique experience you will appreciate the hard work of nature’s tireless keepers a lot more.

  • Let your kids approach nature during holidays

    Spending time close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, can be a positive change for anyone, but it is particularly beneficial to children whose contact with nature is becoming all the less frequent. In Bioporos organic farm, it is always a great pleasure to welcome kids in the farm. Some city kids have very few, if any, authentic nature experiences. Introducing them to farm life can be not only fun but also highly educational. And what better place to do so than the unspoiled environment of Lake Korission, a Natura 2000 protected site.

    The change of scenery itself can be extremely good for a young kid. They get to breathe the fresh air of the countryside and have plenty of open space to play and exercise. And running around freely in these vast spaces, with no need to mind the traffic, is not something that most kids who grow up in the city experience too often. It is amazing to see how kids adapt to the countryside, feeling as if they have finally found their natural environment. In Bioporos kids can engage in a number of activities that will keep them from getting bored and give them the chance to release their youthful energy.

    On the farm the kids also have the chance to approach animals that they may have never seen up close before. They are invited to come close and cuddle our donkey, our horse and goats, get close to the chickens and, of course, our cats and dogs. This experience teaches them to not be afraid of animals, be gentle with them and respect these creatures. In Bioporos, kids can also watch birds and other rare species that can be found in Lake Korission and, if you are lucky, you may have the exciting opportunity to see some flamingos as they stop by in their long journey. Same goes not only for animals but also for plants, as the area’s flora is extremely rich.

    And we are sure your kids will love star gazing. This is something even adults may have never experienced in an urban environment, but the crystal clear skies of the countryside offer the chance to do so now.

    The most important thing is that spending time on the farm can shape your kid’s future habits as well. Coming here they experience plain rustic life with everything this implies; healthy eating, consuming local organic produce, getting a closer look to how our food is grown. Seeing all this can result in them adopting a more conscious lifestyle in the future, as they realize each and every one of our actions has an impact on the environment, something rather easy to forget if one is used to living in an urban setting, completely detached from nature. And the positive habits they acquire now can turn out to accompany them for a lifetime.

    So bring your kids along and while you are casting of the noise of the city from your minds, let them get their hands dirty and experience rural life to the fullest. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to come back to the farm every year!

  • Four ways to be a responsible traveler

    In Bioporos Organic Farm we are all about nature conservation and promoting organic, environmentally friendly tourist activities and practices. We love nature above all and want to ensure that we do everything in our power to maintain its beauty intact. We are a certified ecotourism establishment, growing our own organic crops and we invite our guests to help us in our fight for a cleaner environment, embracing our environmentally conscious vision and adopting relevant traveling habits. Here are five tips you are encouraged to keep in mind for protecting the environment while enjoying your holiday.

    1. Consider low-impact transport
    We all know that traveling while on holiday can significantly increase our carbon footprint, as most means of transport contribute to pollution. So when planning your next trip you can try minimizing your emissions. This includes both getting to your holiday destination and choosing the right form of transport for getting around once you are there. Avoid flights to otherwise easily accessible destinations and go for an environmentally friendly means when you get there, like public transport.

    2. Respect water resources
    Try and limit the amount of water you are wasting, just as you would if you were at home. In Bioporos Organic Farm we realise how truly precious natural water resources are, as well as how scarce they are in our day and age. We encourage you to switch to a shower, rather than a bath and consider using refillable water bottles. We have also set up a biological wastewater treatment system, so that we can reuse water for our crops. So using biodegradable soaps and detergents is strongly advised and another way in which you can help protect water resources and save up water.

    3. Limit energy consumption
    This should be the norm for our everyday lives and your holiday is not an exception. Remember to turn off all lights, devices and taps before leaving your hotel room. You can also try and limit your use of air-conditioning and hot water to only when absolutely necessary. This way you can reduce your carbon footprint and rest assured that your fun vacation time will not have a negative impact on the environment.

    4. Reduce, reuse, recycle
    It probably goes without saying that you must not litter while on holiday. But you can take nature conservation a step further. Limit your use of plastic, both when shopping and packing for a trip. Avoid buying plastic bags and, if necessary, make sure the bag you are buying is biodegradable. On the contrary, invest in a reusable bag made of cotton for example. And while you are on your trip, always remember to reduce the amount of waste you produce and recycle whenever possible. In some cases you may even get a refund for recycled goods.

    So next time you are planning to go on holiday, keep those simple suggestions in mind as a small gesture can go a long way in protecting the future of our planet.

  • Ecotourism holidays in Corfu: the alternative trend

    People who want to experience nature in its purest depiction should definitely visit BIOPOROS Organic Farm for ecotourism holidays in Corfu!

    A natural beauty located in the southwest part of Corfu island nearby the majestic Korission Lake and offers hospitality to a multitude of endemic & migratory birds, rare flora, and rich fauna, under the protection of Natura 2000!

    Do you know Ecotourism?
    Some of these reasons have made BIOPOROS Organic Farm as one of the most amazing ecotourism destinations on Corfu island! Here you can have the opportunity to spend some valuable relaxing times by discovering the most traditional lifestyles whilst you don’t impact the natural environment in response to the increased appreciation of ecotourism holidays in Corfu!

    On our farm, you avoid mass-ecotourism or be exposed to activities you can find in any crowded place. Instead, you can enjoy your time in small groups, taste traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients, or be part of some unique activities you can hardly find elsewhere!

    Many activities to participate!
    Join our cooking lessons of traditional recipes, saponification, and cosmetics craftmanship, daily farm activities, taking care of our lovable animals or lessons about the luscious world of bees and be a positive part as a guest of BIOPOROS Organic Farm.

    Doses of extreme action are also included with hiking in wonderful Korission Lake and even Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea by certified trainers in a close distance to the farm!

    Have you ever see a flamingo? In BIOPOROS Organic Farm you have this lifetime chance, which is one of the most extraordinary time when you’ll go for birdwatching!

    Enjoy nature by learning from her!
    Our emphasis is to offer you quality time and inspire the message of environmental awareness during your ecotourism holidays in Corfu. We are trying to induct you in some of the most traditional natural activities the elders used to do and give you the chance to feel free of everyday routine.

    The authentic relationship with nature, sensitivity, towards, and appreciation of local culture and biodiversity, sustainable benefits, support of the local environment instead of putting more pressure on it and exploiting its resources, are only some of the main principles showcasing ecotourism holidays in Corfu.

    We are a hideout from the crowded city where you can enjoy high-quality accommodation services, authentic organic gastronomy, natural beauties and participate in the activities we organize from a rather more ecotouristic perspective.

  • The secrets of Organic Gastronomy in Bioporos Organic Restaurant

    The joy of producing, consuming and tasting home-grown and homemade food is the secret ingredient that makes a lunch in Bioporos Organic Restautant, more than a bite. We welcome you to our hospitable farm to taste plenty of our authentic organic delicacies and enjoy some of the stressless time ever!

    All the dishes served in Bioporos Organic Restaurant are produced by pure materials, freshly collected in daily basis from our farm such as vegetables, fruits or eggs! Cheese and meat are from home organically raised animals in their natural conditions without any kind of byproduct feed. Every recipe we follow has a lot of history behind it as they come from the deep cooking knowledge of our forefather’s tradition. We also trust local producers or other local organic farmers who share the same concern such us for more healthy and nature-friendly means of food production.

    Why Organic Food?

    The extreme technological appliances on food industry, in order to multiply the production cost-effectively has spoiled the quality of food that ends up in our plates every day. In most of the cases, food is not fresh, contains preservatives or other chemical additives to make it last longer, or produced by animals given antibiotics, growth hormones, raised indoors away from their natural environment.

    On the other hand, organic food re-establishes the authentic relationship between man and nature. The term “organic” exactly refers to the model of cultivation and the procedures applied throughout the agricultural production in order to provide high-quality, natural, clean and healthy food from the farm to the table of the consumer.

    The benefits of Organic Gastronomy in Bioporos Organic Restaurant!

    Physical, mental and emotional health can definitely be affected by the quality of the food you eat.

    In Bioporos Organic Restaurant in Corfu, we follow the rhythms of the Greek cuisine as we’ve been taught by our fathers to serve you a healthy, tasty and nutritious food experience.

    Every ingredient used in our organic gastronomy is produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming, which in general features practices that use no fertilizers, strive to cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

    Organic farms such as Bioporos not only fulfills the dream of everyone who is seeking to add a more authentic touch in his appetite but also takes care the well-being of the domesticated animals.

    Give it a try!

  • Corfu Fauna

    The island of Corfu, as an island with too many green spots also has a vibrant fauna. Initially, the visitors can admire the peacocks living freely on the Island, and they can take photos with them. Moreover, on the island of Vido, we can meet Guinea fowl, bunnies and squirrels who also live freely and in harmony with each other. While living with an intense human presence, they are wild and we do not approach people.

    Yet another idiosyncratic feature of Corfu, and of its fauna are the lizards on the square. These are relatively large lizards, which although harmless they can easily terrorize someone who doesn’t know they are there. The scientific name is Agama Laudakia stellio stellio-(Skoytzikas, Skoytziki).

    Our little friend came to Corfu either after having evolved from some other type of reptile, or came hidden in the cellars of the English army.

    It is the only species of tropical lizard that is found in Europe and is located on the island. It is found in Espianade, but also in a higher frequency in the regions of Gastouri and Kastellanoi Mesis. Although the old people thought that it is a poisonous kind, the reality is that they are very friendly to the people, and they just eat insects. They can survive any weather conditions as they can survive without water, only with the humidity of the environment. Moreover, their skin changes colour depending on their mood. Now, they are on the animal protection program as they are considered endangered species.

    Another animal that also enjoys a protection programme because it is considered endangered is the Otter (Lutra lutra). It is located at Antinioti Lagoon, and survives only in areas with very clean water. Considered as the senior predator of wetlands and hunts for fish either live, or various other amphibians, while strictly delineates the area of depending mainly on the location of food.

    Another interest thing for observation arethe birds of the island. Corfu, as a green island hosts many bird species which represent an excellent opportunity for those who are interested to observe different breeds of birds. The most of them are observed mainly in the hills and mountains (such as Pantokrator), but there are other varieties found in lowland and the coastal areas of the island. The ideal bird observation spots are the protected habitats, Natura 2000, but also the large expanses of olive groves. As for the wetlands, more ideal is the Lake “Antinioti” in the North, the Lake Korission and the Alikes region in the South.


  • Halikounas Beach and Lake Korission

    Corfu has probably one of the most interesting geographical diversities of Greece. Hundreds of beaches with pebbles and golden sand, sheltered coves, caves and smaller islands make the most amazing landscapes you’ve ever seen! The sandy beaches are my favourite place to relax and Corfu has managed to compensate me in the best way: the magical beach of Halikounas and Korission lake with an unforgettable scenery!

    It is in fact it nothing but a strip of sand of several kilometres separating the Ionian sea by Korission lake. In some specific spots it becomes quite wide, creating a striking landscape scheme. Most often you will come across waves quite large, but not dangerous, which add their own touch to the natural canvas . The surrounding landscape is wild, untouched, the dunes and the low, almost incomplete, vegetation reminds us of a real Sahara landscape, in one of the greenest Islands of Greece.

    The beautiful scenery is harmonically combined with Korission lake, the island’s largest lake and a protected Natura area. In its wetland we can find 126 species of birds , thousands of butterflies while its sand is a color palette with small reeds, white lilies and 14 different orchid species.

    After I met my friend at the beach bar we swum in the crystal-clear waters of Halikounas, we sun bathed in the golden sand, watching the adventurous swimmers kite-surfing and windsurfing. Before the sun goes down, we visit one of my favourite places, the Bioporos farm, to enjoy a dinner by the lake just before the sunset. We greet our friends Gennaios, Kriton and Iro, who have taken over Bioporos, keeping their parents culinary secrets and traditions, Costas and Agathi. We laugh, we hug and kiss; I haven’t heard from them since a lot of time and I’m really looking forward to hearing their news as we sit at the table. We drink the homemade wine, its sweet taste relaxes me and I gaze across the beautiful lake.

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