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5 days / 4 nights

From € 599

Arrival: 17 August, 2020
Departure: 21 August, 2020


Refresh and rediscover yourself through yoga, Pranayma and meditation. Join us on a five-day journey with two daily yoga sessions, three daily organic meals, majestic hikes to the lake, adorable farm animals, outdoor sauna, and swimming at the beach.

Mitosstudio and Bioporos Organic Farm located by Korission Lagoon collaborate together to allow your mind and body to embark on wonderful five-day journey. Take a time out for you. This retreat is a perfect way to reclaim your creativity & immerse yourself in what makes you happy!


Begin each morning with an energizing yoga class and a hike to elevate your mode to the start of your day. Mind your breathing and let movement flow through your body with our selection of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga sessions. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a restorative yoga class and meditation session that will leave you with inner peace and calm. Each day is filled with a balance of physical exercise and meditation devised to release stress and promote positive thinking for your mind and body all the while connecting to nature.


Family-ran organic farm on Corfu island, Bioporos Farm, provides guest first hand experience with nature in its purest form. The organic farm delivers a natural colorful landscape, lingering aroma of the lagoon, beautiful farm animals, and an exceptional organic restaurant for our five-day retreat.


During the retreat, you will enjoy vegetarian and vegan Mediterranean Greek cuisine cooked using traditional methods. You will gain an appreciation of delicious Greek food culture, value authentic recipes that use simple and fresh ingredients.

The icing on the cake is using seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, desserts and of course olive oil. You will savor the richness of nature’s sweetness.


• 5 days / 4 nights accommodation at the organic Farm Bioporos in Corfu
• 2 daily Yoga practices & Meditation
• 1 daily Workshop
• Hike to the Lake through the olives groves
• 1 sweat lodge session
• Meditation
• 3 vegetarian meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
• Yoga Mats to use


• Flights
• Airport transfer
• Travel / health insurance
• Take an additional private yoga / workshop session
• Relax with a massage season
• Walk to Mavroudis Olive Oil Museum
• Take an additional Greek food class
• Enjoy a cold drink at the golden beach of Chalikounas
• Visit the cobbled streets of Corfu City


Mitosstudio accompanies on your journey through deep and well-guided yoga, mindfulness, meditation sessions, creative workshops, nature explorations and nourishing vegetarian organic cuisine. The homely atmosphere at the organic farm is an ideal place to welcome kind people like you to rest, relax, explore and experience the stunning views of nature.


• Ideal location to discover inner peace, become mentally stronger, and regain revitalizing energy.
• Get back in touch with nature and explore Corfu Island, its vegetation and animals
• Enjoy a relaxing holiday at an idyllic location
• Gain an appreciation with Greek culture and traditions


13:30 • Arrival & Settle in
15:30 • Guided Farm Tour
16:30 • Pranayama, Vinyasa Flow & Breathing Meditation
18:00 • Welcome Dinner
19:00 • Free time to unpack or relax
20:00 • Opening Circle
21:00 • Guided Meditation

07:00 • Breakfast
08:00 • Hiking: Beach time! –Juggling Vinyasa Yoga
11:00 • Macrame Jewellery Making Workshop
13:00 • Lunch
14:00 • Nap time, Take Private Sessions or Get a Massage
17:00 • Breath work, Vinyasa Flow & Mindful Meditation
18:30 • Outdoor Grill Dinner
20:00 • Entertainment

07:30 • Hiking: Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Walking Meditation
09:30 • Breakfast
10:30 • Yoga Philosophy Workshop
13:00 • Lunch
14:00 • Nap time, Take Private Sessions or Get a Massage
17:00 • Aerial Yoga & Juggling Vinyasa
18:30 • Dinner
20:00 • Guided Meditation
20:45 • Fire Show and more…

07:30 • Aerial Yoga
09:30 • Breakfast
10:30 • Greek Vegetarian Cooking Class!
13:00 • Lunch
14:00 • Nap time, Take Private Sessions or Get a Massage
16:00 • Yin Yoga & Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation
18:30 • Dinner
20:00 • Outdoor Sauna Detox & Purification

07:30 • Hiking : Pranayama, Hatha
09:30 • Breakfast
10:30 • Art Expression Workshop
12:00 • Closing Circle
13:00 • Lunch with Greek Wine!
14:00 • Departure


Firmly believing in the healing powers of yoga and meditation, Nefeli focuses on the flow of energy in our bodies in her teachings. Her classes are filled with carefully crafted flows, dynamic body movements and calming breathing exercises using hands-on adjustments to help students’ alignments and integrity in their practices. She encourages people to infuse their life with more positivity, kindness and joy. Most importantly to know that we are all connected together in this beautiful journey called life.

Jill is the founder of CircusAid an organization that provides circus as a form of occupational therapy to political and environmental refugees. She has been teaching and performing hula hooping and fire dancing for the last 15 years. She completed her yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2013. In 2018, she began training aerial silks and is happy to share these with the participants of this yoga retreat. For more information

Anna is a Socialworker from Germany with a huge compassion for travelling, what lead her to find her inner connection with India, where she spends the winter since the last 10 years. Through this she found her love for yoga, in the country of the origin. Her focus is based on the awarness and belief in your own strength. In her classes you will discover theoretical inspiration and to focus on details and train your patience to make yourself grow and to expand your own physical and mental boundaries. She is looking forward to participate in this yoga retreat and to support you in the balance and harmony of body, mind and soul.

Laura started her “Yoga-journey” 11 years ago. On her path she followed different mindfulness courses, yoga classes and travelled around the world to develop her skills. In 2016 she completed her teacher training in India (certificated from “Yoga Alliance” by “Kashmir Shiavism School of Yoga”). After this she focused next to Yoga on different kind of massages to get deeper knowledges about the human body, mind and soul. Tibetan singing bowl sound healing helps her to brings people in a state of relaxation, that allows a deep bodywork. Applying thai yoga massage helps her to release blockages of her clients, by stimulating or stretching specific points of the body.

A medicine Student and a passionate practitioner of martial arts and calisthenics Jonas came to yoga by “accident”. Later on, while studying in Germany, he started a disciplined Ashtanga selfpractice, using and applying his medical knowledge on it. In search of a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga, on a physical as well as on a spiritual level he started his seven-month journey to India, where he came to profound realizations about the fundamental relation of movement and breath to our emotional and spiritual world. Returning to Greece he starts teaching yoga. The theoretical background gained from his studies, his constant thriving for knowledge, his increasing teaching experience but most important his passion to share the benefits of movement, breath control, philosophy, and meditation soon enable him to start teaching in various specialized seminars and YTTCs. In 2017 he co-founded Studio108 in Ioannina.

Christos is a creative certified architect and co-founder of Mitosstudio. He works to challenge and exploring the boundaries within us. Through his experience living in Germany and Greece, he recognizes the importance of cultural differences and opportunities in life. He uses this understanding to assist in supporting all people no matter which walk of life they come from.


• Lagoon view room with 2 shared beds | 629 €
• Lagoon view room with 3 beds | 599 €
*Every house has 2 rooms, a kitchen & 2 bathrooms to share, sheets, towels and organic soap are included.


Take a direct flight to Corfu Island (CFU) or one the daily ferries from Igoumenitsa city.
Tickets can be booked online. To reach Bioporos Farm from Corfu Airport or Port, you can find more information here (

Please contact us ahead of time to inform us of your planned time of arrival and bus line used and we will love to welcome you from the bus stop.

CheckIn Time: 13:30
CheckOut Time: 14:00
How to get there: Corfu International Airport (ca. 16km)
Transfer from this airport is: not provided

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