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Bioporos Organic Farm beekeeping activities

Lesson Weekly Program

  • Monday: 10:00 – 12:00
  • Friday: 10:00 – 12:00

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    Learning About The World of Bees

    Price per person30 Euro
    Duration2 Hours
    Late Bookings2 Days Before

    What we’ll do

    In Bioporos farm we have installed a dynamically developing beekeeping unit. You are more than welcome to accompany us and get a close look at the beehives, meet this wonderful hyperorganism and get informed about the modern dangers that it encounters. Totally safe with the equipment that we offer for you, you will observe closely the process and the practices of traditional organic beekeeping. In addition, depending on the period of the year, you might enjoy one of the most complete and unoque ecotourism activities in Bioporos Organic Farm, participating in beekeeping, harvesting or the collection and processing of natural beeswax.

    Criton and Genneos will be more than happy to assist you to this once in a lifetime experience.

    PRECAUTIONS: During the duration of the workshop, is preferable to wear long trousers and shirts (Not heavy,not warm),regular shoes(No sandals).You MUST inform us, if you suffer from any kind of allergies , it also would be preferable if you do not wear any kind of perfumes or deodorants!
    The workshop can not be carried out when it is windy or raining.

    What I’ll provide

    We shall provide you with:

      • Water, coffee or tea
      • Protective clothing
      • Gift of our bee-products

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