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Ecotourism in Corfu

Corfu is an island located at the most Northwestern part of Greece, full of natural beauty with great beaches and dense vegetation that hosts numerous species of flora and fauna, so it is an ideal ecotourism destination in Greece.

Connecting the Adriatic sea with the Ionian and the Mediterranean, Corfu is ideal for ecotourism visitors because the climate combined with the natural beauty offering an ideal scenery to enjoy the nature at its outmost. Temperatures range generally from 25 to 36 degrees Celsius during the summer and from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius during the winter, combining with the natural humidity caused by the sea and creating a wonderful sense of the ideal relaxing ecotourism holidays.

One of the characteristic natural landscapes in Corfu, which every ecotourism visitor should visit, is the Lagoon of Korission lake, rich of rare flora and fauna species, birds, fish and much more. Being characterised as a protected area by Nature 2000, Korission lake is a unique ecotourism destination in Corfu island. Bioporos farm is located at the southwest part of the island and is one of the few ecotourism accomodations in Corfu, in a wonderful place exactly near the wetland of Korission Lagoon.

The unspoiled scenery will enchant you from the very first moment that you arrive! Feel free to explore the cedarforest and the sand dunes, meet new birds and animals that you’ve never met before, see rare herbs in their natural grown form and live a unique relaxing and completely natural holiday experience in the most exciting ecotourism destination in Corfu.

Additionally you may join Bioporos Organic Farm’s activities that will travel you mentally to other past eras, when people where using and respecting the earth and the nature. Don’t miss the chance to live with your friends or kids an alternative holiday package in Corfu island, away from parties, crowded clubs and bars and other common parts of holidays, but full of love for the nature and relaxing memories that promise to fully recharge your batteries!

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