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In Bioporos farm, near Korission Lake in Corfu island lie two beautiful houses traditionally built, fully functional and ready to host up to 5 visitors each. See our houses and book your own ecotourism accommodation in Corfu Island in Bioporos Organic Farm now!

Two beautiful and cosy two-floor houses built and decorated in order to tone in the rural and traditional philosophy of the farm and the general area. Carefully selected wooden furniture give an excellent traditional decorative approach to the house while mattresses and pillows made by natural latex, cotton linen and wool quilts are waiting for you to enjoy tranquil and healthy sleeps in our ecotourism accommodation in Corfu Island

  • House

    House Chloe

    elegant and yet cozy, a traditional, two-floor house, in perfect harmony with the rural setting

    From €120 per night


  • Parking
  • Shampoo
  • Linen
  • Dish Washer
On Request
  • Wi-Fi (On Demand)
  • Themed dinners on request
  • Oil Tasting
  • Wine Tastings
  • Honey Tastings
  • Horse trekking

We love nature... Try to join us!

Avoid wasting water

Water is the most important present of our life and we at Bioporos farm respect the natural water resources, and are thus trying not to waste water unconsciously. Always having the endless need for water in mind we would appreciate it when our visitors used water sensibly. Please turn off the taps when you don’t really need to use water and contribute to our effort to make our planet a better place.

Please use only biodegradable detergents and soaps

Almost every detergent and soap that is being sold at the moment is based on oil extracts and phosphates, resulting in huge water pollution in seas, lakes and rivers, where the wash out reaches after someone ends his shower. In Bioporos there is a biological wastewater treatment system installed which is based on the properties of active micro-organisms. This is what additionally gives us the opportunity to reuse the water to our crops. Having the concept of sustainably using natural resources in mind, the usage of detergents and soaps based on oil extracts is forbidden in Bioporos farm. Upon your arrival you will be given free soaps, shampoos etc based on olive oil, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Use electricity responsibly

Unfortunately, Greece is among the countries that produce power based in lignite extraction. The amount of carbon produced is therefore very high and it is very dangerous for the environment and the human health as during the process of combustion, huge amounts of CO2 are released. By limiting the electricity consumption during your stay at Bioporos farm, you contribute actively in our effort to reduce the amount of the farm’s carbon footprint. Please shut down all the lamps and devices before leaving the house, remember to turn off the lights when you don’t need it and don’t leave the A/C on while you are outside contributing to make your stay in our ecotourism accommodation in Corfu Island, a better place for our planet.

Our Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine and greek gastronomy are among the healthiest diets all over the world. We in Bioporos farm, make sure that you get the outmost of traditional greek and corfiot recipes, while on the same time we prepare ancient greek recipes using only our farm grown raw materials. Bioporos restaurant is the only organic restaurant in Corfu island and we are really proud about it! Don’t hesitate to visit it for your everyday breakfast, meal and dinner during your stay at Bioporos farm!