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Activities at Our Farm

Ecotourism activities in Bioporos Organic Farm will give you the chance to enjoy numerous indoor and outdoor activities related to the traditional farm life in an educational and relaxing point of view. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how everyday products and food are produced and made or if you want to enjoy the nature and travel mentally through time, Bioporos Organic Farm is the place you were looking for!


10:00 - 12:00Cooking LessonBatikCooking Lesson


Learn how to cook traditional Greek, Corfiot and even Ancient Greek dishes.

We, in Bioporos organic restaurant, believe that it is extremely important for everyone to consume food prepared by completely natural and organic raw materials. The Greek gastronomy is as ancient and rich as the Greek culture itself. Agathi is always cheerful and willing to show you how to properly cook the most famous greek dishes, along with local and even ancient greek recipes! Among the Ecotourism activities in Bioporos Organic Farm you will get to know the evolution of Greek gastronomy through the centuries and grab the chance to knead and bake your own bread and delicious pies in our traditional wooden oven.

Bioporos Organic farm cooking lessons

the Farm

Walk around the farm and explore animals and plants that you’ve always wanted to get closer to but you didn’t have the chance till now

Get to know the trees and the plants in Bioporos Organic Farm, get informed and learn about organic farming and the sustainable management of the rural ecosystem. Explore the path in Bioporos farm and see how our domestic animals live in the farm. Enjoy a fine walk in a pure unspoiled environment and have a close look at animals that you may never have seen before from so close. Our horse and our donkey will be waiting for you to caress them, whilst our sheep will transmit a wonderful feeling of calmness to you.

Bioporos organic farm - meeting the farm


Observe the birds around Bioporos and see species that you’ve never seen before

Being characterised as Special Bird Protection Zone, with 189 different species of birds, Korission Lake is the ideal place in Corfu island for bird lovers to observe, meet and discover some of the most beautiful birds ever! Hawks, eagles, ducks, herons and even flamingoes can be spotted in Bioporos Organic Farm and if you visit us during migration period you will see lots of different species passing by as the lagoon is a common stop during their long trip.

Bioporos Organic Farm birdwatching

in Korission lake

Explore the area and discover your own rare flora and fauna species in an once in a lifetime experience

Bioporos Organic Farm is located in a majestic area besides Korission lake and is the ideal base for hiking and exploring. The mapped paths around the lagoon constitute an extensive walking network of paths that connects the farm and the lagoon with the marvellous beaches of Issos and Chalikounas. Explore the Mediterranean cedar forest of Chalikounas and meet the wonderful and of excellent natural beauty area of the Lagoon while you discover paths that will lead you to golden beaches and breathtaking sunsets.

Bioporos Organic Farm hiking