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Our Restaurant

Local Cuisine

Bioporos restaurant is the only exclusively organic restaurant in Corfu island. In a warm and hospitable place near Korission Lake you will find our organic restaurant just at the beginning of our farm.

Being able to produce the feed materials for our dishes, Bioporos restaurant is an organic restaurant in Corfu, where every meal is prepared with freshly collected vegetables and organically grown animals, fed freely in the countryside. Furthermore, we cooperate with local producers in order to obtain all we need but do not produce ourselves. We collect supplies of the highest quality from local organic farmers and producers, who contribute to our top quality.

You can enjoy your breakfast anytime you may wake up. We offer fresh homegrown eggs, collected a few hours earlier from our chicken coop, jams and juices, made from fruits of our farm or other local organic producers, traditional pies and even traditional greek bread, baked earlier in the morning in our wood oven.

As for lunch and dinner, our menu consists of a variety of dishes prepared based on traditional greek and corfiot recipes using the techniques and methods that our recent ancestors were using.

The exciting part in visiting Bioporos restaurant is the mystery hiding behind the daily menu… You will surely, though, get to choose amongst salads, pork dishes, beef dishes, chicken dishes, traditional greek recipes like moussaka (and our special vegetarian alternative) and specifically some corfiot ones like pastitsada, pies and desserts. Don’t hesitate to try our Mycenaean Stifado, cooked using the ingredients and the technique that ancient Mycenaeans used to prepare this recipe.

All you have to do is ask “What’s on the menu today?” Exactly like what the elders of the house used to do back in the day in all greek houses!


You can taste our typical dishes created traditionally by expert hands with natural farm-to-table products, while enjoying the amazing view towards the lagoon from our terrace at our organic restaurant in Corfu

Bioporos organic farm restaurant menu photo


The fact that we mainly use products that grow and live in our farm does not allow us to have a standard menu list. Therefore, the menu changes everyday based on the time of the year and the daily production of first materials. If you want to prepare something especially just for you, all you have to do is ask for it on the previous day and we will do it!

Bioporos Organic Farm the chef


Mrs Agathi, will be more than happy to host you in her kitchen in our restaurant. Her door is always open for anyone who wants to learn how to make them by observing her and seeing firsthand the preparation of delicious traditional greek recipes.

Feel, taste and be amazed to your senses
We would like to inform you that

Τhe restaurant WILL NOT be open to the public in the 2024 season.
It will only operate for guests staying in our Accommodation and for visitors who have pre-booked a private meal or any of our activities.