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Bioporos organic farm - meeting the farm

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    Explore the farm

    Price per person5 Euro
    Duration40 minutes
    Late Bookings2 Days Before

    What we’ll do

    Come for a visit, and let us introduce you to the trees and plants of southern Corfu. Learn about healthy, organic farming and the sustainable management practices of this unique, Ionian ecosystem.Hear the history of the lagoon and its impact on the people of the region, and learn about the ecosystem, a tranquil haven of wildlife, unique flora, and dozens of species of birds.Your visit to the farm will include meeting our animals and seeing how domesticated farm animals live in Corfu. Our horse, sheep, and donkey love to be pet special by children and are waiting for your caresses . From the top of the hill, till the lakeshore ,our walk will end in the farm΄s workshop, where you can see how we make our organic soap, natural cosmetics, honey and other products. You can learn how it is done and then, maybe, take something home to enjoy.

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