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People who want to experience nature in its purest depiction should definitely visit BIOPOROS Organic Farm for ecotourism holidays in Corfu!

A natural beauty located in the southwest part of Corfu island nearby the majestic Korission Lake and offers hospitality to a multitude of endemic & migratory birds, rare flora, and rich fauna, under the protection of Natura 2000!

Do you know Ecotourism?
Some of these reasons have made BIOPOROS Organic Farm as one of the most amazing ecotourism destinations on Corfu island! Here you can have the opportunity to spend some valuable relaxing times by discovering the most traditional lifestyles whilst you don’t impact the natural environment in response to the increased appreciation of ecotourism holidays in Corfu!

On our farm, you avoid mass-ecotourism or be exposed to activities you can find in any crowded place. Instead, you can enjoy your time in small groups, taste traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients, or be part of some unique activities you can hardly find elsewhere!

Many activities to participate!
Join our cooking lessons of traditional recipes, saponification, and cosmetics craftmanship, daily farm activities, taking care of our lovable animals or lessons about the luscious world of bees and be a positive part as a guest of BIOPOROS Organic Farm.

Doses of extreme action are also included with hiking in wonderful Korission Lake and even Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea by certified trainers in a close distance to the farm!

Have you ever see a flamingo? In BIOPOROS Organic Farm you have this lifetime chance, which is one of the most extraordinary time when you’ll go for birdwatching!

Enjoy nature by learning from her!
Our emphasis is to offer you quality time and inspire the message of environmental awareness during your ecotourism holidays in Corfu. We are trying to induct you in some of the most traditional natural activities the elders used to do and give you the chance to feel free of everyday routine.

The authentic relationship with nature, sensitivity, towards, and appreciation of local culture and biodiversity, sustainable benefits, support of the local environment instead of putting more pressure on it and exploiting its resources, are only some of the main principles showcasing ecotourism holidays in Corfu.

We are a hideout from the crowded city where you can enjoy high-quality accommodation services, authentic organic gastronomy, natural beauties and participate in the activities we organize from a rather more ecotouristic perspective.

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